Growing up as an avid runner and soccer player Ela spend most of her adolescence dealing with constant sports related injuries. After tearing her ACL and recovering from surgery in high school she decided to try yoga for the first time. She hated it—she was inches from being able to touch her toes, every muscle was tight, and every posture seemed impossible. Despite not being able to do anything in class she was awed by how she felt after yoga: sore, relaxed, peaceful, exhausted, and happy. These feeling kept her returning to her mat and sixteen years later yoga has become a central part of her life.

To Ela yoga is about finding stillness in the mind, developing a relationship with one’s self, and developing peace, serenity, and balance. The flexibility, and strength she’s developed have been additional side effects to a practice focused on connection. 

Outside of yoga Ela loves to travel, trek, explore the world, learn about virtually anything.