• Students will need to book classes on-line ahead of time to reserve your spot since class sizes will be limited! If you have any issues with your account and prebooking please email for assistance. 
  • This will also allow for handsfree and socially distanced checkin.
  • Cancelations- Please understand that due to the nature of limited class size and to be fare to all the yogis who need their practice, if you have booked your space in class, you will still be charged even if you do not show up since a space was reserved for you. Also, if you have a monthly unlimited, again, to be fare to all the students needing and wanting to practice in the limited space there will be a $8 No-Show fee charged to your account on file. *You must cancel within 8 hours to not be counted as a No- Show.


  • Mat markers are placed on the floor to indicate where mats should be placed in the room. This will allow 6-foot distancing between mats and keep our class sizes to a safe number.


  • The studio back door will be open for ventilation and plenty of air circulation in the room. Because of this, we will be using the beautiful Florida weather as our heat source. Once social distancing softens, we plan to eventually seal the doors and turn on our infrared heaters, but for the time being, doors will be open and the Florida summer will help us get our sweat on.


  • All teachers will be required to wear face masks. You will not be required to wear a mask during your practice as your sweat could make it quite difficult to breathe. 
  • Teachers will avoid all hands-on adjustments.


  • Our disinfectant sprays are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. We are temporarily removing our blocks and rental mats/towels for precaution and we will continue to be thorough in cleaning our studio, floors, lobby, door handles, and bathrooms.
  • Our water fountains are temporarily out of use. Please bring your own water or, as always, we have water bottles available for purchase in the lobby.