Lori grew up near the white sandy beaches of Sarasota, Florida. She has always been a vibrant person who loves physical movement and expression. Whether through dance, gymnastics, running, or yoga, she has always been drawn to achieving and living a healthier lifestyle. In 2007, Lori found the path that she was destined to follow during her very first yoga practice. Within six months of her first class, she had trained under her instructor and discovered teaching yoga to be an honest and natural transition from her roots of dance instruction. Her passion blossomed as she dove head first into her yoga journey by traveling to India to expand her teaching and practice. Here she was trained in traditional Hatha yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukal in Trimbak, Nasik, India. This once in a lifetime experience magnified Lori’s true understanding of yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Although trained in Hatha, Lori’s passion lies in teaching Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga, which allows her to combine her life knowledge of asana, body mechanics, alignment, and mindful transition all led by breath for meditation and whole body health.

For the last decade, Lori has been teaching yoga in the Central Florida yoga community. She has also had the pleasure to teach and conduct teacher training in aerial yoga, as well as conducting workshops in inversion and partner yoga. One of her greatest personal accomplishments has been the honor of leading and conducting yoga retreats to multiple domestic and international locations.

Lori is also the founder and owner of Thrive Nutritional Wellness. She earned her Drugless Practitioners Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2009. As a nutrition specialist, Lori offers a wealth of experience in personalized nutrition to promote health and healing through food, and all-natural supplementation.

Urban Ōm Power Yoga has been a vision of Lori’s for many years. She hopes that by creating this space, it will allow others to also experience the strength, healing, happiness, and community of yoga.